truck pulls

truck pulls


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79 cj5 258, t150, dana 20 transfer case, dana 30 front, 20 rear,warn hubs,2.5" procomp lift,teamrush,msd box,mc2100 carb,hedman header,clifford intake,optima battery, ford shock towers.
last night the wife and i took our 5 year daughter to the truck pulls we had in our town last night. we had a blast and she loved it. she wanted to stay there all night lol. she thought it was the coolest thing in the world.

so next weekend we are taking her to toledo speedway to watch the arca/remax race there. i got the tickets free thru work and the wife and i where going to go. since the daughter liked the truck pulls so much we are now going to take her. if shes likes that race i might take her to the cup race in michigan when it comes around.
Cool get them started early for family outings that everyone enjoys.I took my wife to a 1/3 mile dirt track race 43 years ago and created a monster.Every Nascar race get recorded and every TV is on it.Don't change that dial.
ya its good. my wife and i go to a nascar race about every year. it would be nice to start taking the kids. two we been to is martinsville and bristol and both where way to loud to have kids there. Indy wasnt bad but it was like being at home watching tv cause you cant see the whole track.

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