Turbo 350 Shifter Options

Turbo 350 Shifter Options


Ft. Branch, IN
78 cj7, SOA with 1.5 lift springs, (stock to my knowledge) SBC350, th350, 203 trans case, stock front and rear axles 3:73's, superior 1 pc in rear, 33 x13.50 swampers
Hey guys, you always have helped me out so I'm gonna try this one on you. The PO put a B&M ratchet shifter in my jeep with a 350/350 combo. I don't care much for the shifter. Is there another option I can install? I don't like it because it is so hard to put into gear and shifts so hard. From 1st to second it breaks your neck, 2nd to third is smoother. Then finding park and reverse is always a chore. Maybe it just isn't adjusted right? Im a newbie so maybe you guys have some insight. Thanks so much!!!
The shifter has no effect on how hard the trans goes from gear to gear. That is controlled by the valve body inside the transmission. Sounds like a drag kit was installed, it makes the trans shift fast and hard.

Unfortunately, most kits modify the valve body plate (the this metal spacer between the body and the transmission) and usually the governor spring is replaced also. Unless you want to buy a new plate and spring and have a good trans manual so you know where to put the check balls - your out of luck fixing this.

Trans work isn't difficult, but you will need the correct documentation to put it back pre-shift kit

If your not up to it, any good trans shop should be able to do this quickly.
^^^what he said^^^
There are also some shift kits that require you to use a small drill to open some passages, if that was done there's no going back.:eek:
If you have an adjustable vacume modulator you might be able to adjust it so it shifts a little easier. (follow the vacume hose down from the engine, take the hose off and see if there's a screwdriver slot inside.)

There's all kinds of shifters made for a 350 just go to summit racing or jegs to check them out.

Is your shift pattern normal like PRN321 or is it a reverse pattern?
This will tell us alot about what kinda valve body it might have.
It might also have a stall converter. does it seem to rev. up higher than normal before it takes off?
^^^what he said^^^

Also, does the trans have an auto mode (where it shifts from gear to gear automatically (like a normal car)), or do you have to shift into each gear with the shifter? If you have a manual valve body, you most definitely have a serious shift kit.

I have only seen one T350 kit that didn't require drilling - I bet yours was not one of them. :( Unfortunately, the only way to tell is compare your plate to a stock one.

BTW - Even though the trans shifts hard, it's actually better for the clutches as they don't slip and wear nearly as fast. It's annoying though because of the rapid engagement... :)
eh just enjoy the tire chirping shifts

LOL I hate riding around town and chirping the tires everytime it hits 2nd. I keep waiting to get a ticket. But I love it on the trails.:)
Thanks for the info guys. I do have to shift it manually to each gear. Also, I do have the PRN321 pattern. Is is normal to have to take off in 1st in this set up? My truck is a chevy too and has a different tranny, but I don't have to shift it manually. I don't understand the difference I guess. When I'm on the street I'd just leave my jeep in 3rd, but then it takes forever to go. oh, and I do not believe it has a stall in it.
Thanks for the info guys. I do have to shift it manually to each gear.

That means the PO put a full manual valve body in it. That would be a hassel to drive around town.
The only fix would be to do what CJ suggested in the above post, that would be putting a stock valve body back in it, or at least a valve body that would let it shift auto. But you would also need the stock plate that fits between the valvebody and the trans body as that one has probally been drilled out.

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