Turbo City fuel injection

Turbo City fuel injection


Orlando, FL
1985 CJ7
I just bought a Jeep that has Turbo City fuel injection on it. Does anyone know anything about the system. I called Turbo City up and they said they don't sell it anymore. When I asked for a wiring diagram they said they didn't have anything for it anymore. The engine is a 2.5 with a Clifford intake and the TC TBI setup on it. I'd like to keep it on but I want to make sure the wires are where they are suppose to go before starting it and messing something up. It has one brown wire that looks like it was cut that was just hanging out by the fire wall. Any help on this would be great. I have a little time due to the frame being trash and getting everything swapped over to the new frame. Thanks again.
ive never heard of turbo city personally, but that kit like the howell tbi setup should use factory gm components, found on most late 80s early 90s, gm trucks and suvs with either a 4.3 v6 or v8. im not for sure on their wiring or colors they would have used because they, like howell, may have built their own wiring harness. that said, i haven't found any place on the net better than Injection Tech - Binder Planet Forums
for information on the tbi setup, or for trouble shooting.

i found this and was blown away by the amount of information on gm tbi, it covers some of the turbo city stuff, as well as how to make your own wiring harness. its not jeep specific, but as i said the gm tbi setup pretty much works and runs the same way with every aftermarket setup it is put on. http://www.gmceast.com/technical/Swartzendruber_Generic_TBI_SlidesNotes.pdf
i'm guessing here but the credit will go to a guy named Swartzendruber.

a second thought here does the 2.5 liter kit, have a throttle body that looks like this

if not the info i gave you above, probably won't help.
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Thanks for the info. At this point anything will help. My TB looks some what like that with blue AN fittings. I attached some pictures so you can see what it looks like. I'll have to find the 4.6 wiring and see how they configured it to a 4cyl. Like I said before I'd really like to keep it. Thanks.
Well that's a relief. I can't wait to get the frame swapped over and drive it. Thanks, you've been a big help.

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