under dash lights

under dash lights


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OK I hooked the battery up and those lights under the dash came on. How do I turn them off?
1) Close the door :) or
2) Turn off the head lights :D or
3) Pull the bulb:laugh:
Disregard, I had the knob turned all the way counter clock wise. Problem solved
Whew! That was a close call...:D
LOL. Good one!

I have had several brain fart instances like this on odds and ends things. You are so engrossed or overthinking after you finished something like rebuilding the engine, then can't turn a light off. You are sure there is something wrong, then as you are laying in bed you think "oh shat!!!" I GOT IT!!! :doh:My wife always says " where are you going!" as I jump out of bed. She has walked into the garage in the middle of the night and I'm laying under the Jeep or sitting in the drivers seat in my shorts or underwear, LOL.

She thinks I'm nuts, but I have to keep the upper hand somehow!

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