Under the Sea!?!?

Under the Sea!?!?


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Kathleen, GA
Bummer. Was that from a war era shipwreck? I showed it to Vicki and explained what I thought and she said "Gee , you sound sad" . Its sad indeed. :(
that will buff out/

wow just think of how deep that has to be not to be ocvered with barnacles. A;sp I am sure that is quite a repeated senario. We shipped a lot ot those things during that war.
Sad indeed, but also a possible future museum piece.
They look like they have less rust on them than mine did! ;)
Hey!! there is that axle I have been looking for!!:cool:
My dad said when they came back from Korea they pushed hundreds of MB's off the ships into the ocean.:eek:
Back in 1960, I was stationed on a little rock at the end of the Aleutian Island chain. Down at what had once been a dock, there were all sorts of vehicles - jeeps, trucks, ambulance - sitting in haphazard fashion along the road. Some still had keys in the ignition, turned on. After a year on that island, I knew how the guys driving them had felt when the ship came to take them home.
Near the dock was a quarry where they had excavated for material for runway/roads. We didn't venture into it, but the remains of a B24 and a P38 were dumped there.
Now THERE, my friends, is a badly rusted HOOD! Take careful note - ya don't see many in civilian life. :)

Honestly - does anyone among us not have at least one hood with no CJ to carry it around?

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