Value of 76 and up CJ5 Tub and Acme Hardtop?

Value of 76 and up CJ5 Tub and Acme Hardtop?


Knightstown, Indiana
45" Harley Flathead, 1971 Harley FLH, 2006 Chevy 1500, 1979 CJ5
Hello All:

I just posted and introduction, and now one to my first question.

I have a 79 CJ5 project that have just been sitting waiting my to finish for awhile.

Well my boss has to major pieces that I need. He has a steel tub, that has had a little work done, but is solid and ready for finish work and paint. He also has an Acme hardtop for the same era CJ5. its is complete and looks solid. the latches are missing pieces. Thats really all I know about it at this point.

What is a good price to pay for these items?

Any input would be great.

Thanks in advance
I saw a complete ACME hardtop and doors for a CJ5 on craigslist about 2 weeks ago for $350 I think it was in VA. It seems like they are normally closer to $800 in good condition. So I would think between $350 and $750 for complete top and doors.
Normally around N. Alabama tubs that are solid but may need a little work run between $300 and $500. In your area supply and demand would probably push that price higher.
Just my guesses based on what I have seen listed for sale.

Well I missed the boat on the hardtop. Someone came by and bought it last night before I told him if I wanted it or not.

But I told him I would take the tub. He later came to me with a package deal. The tub, a brand new steel gas tank, and brand new set of 1 inch lift poly body mounts all for $550

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