Valve cover gasket

Valve cover gasket


Ames, IA
1975 CJ5, Basically stock except for electronic ignition.
I am chasing leaks like crazy. I replaced the clutch, put new seals and gaskets in the transmission and in the transfer case, replaced the rear main seal, and while doing all of that I noticed that there is a lot of oil on the back of the engine below the valve cover. So of course I am attacking that as well. I know that leaking valve cover gaskets is a common problem, so any tips to help make sure I get this one stopped as well would be appreciated? Thanks.
Get a FelPro brand rubber like gasket for it. Or, if your using a cork type gasket, use some rtv sealer with it but don't tighten it down for a couple hours. Just set it on and tighten all the bolts finger tight. Then come back later and torque them correctly.

But first, whichever way you go make sure that both surfaces are clean and oil free. Wipe them with lacquer thinner to remove any traces of oils.
A common problem with sheet metal vc is that the bolt hole area gets bent "down" towards the head over the years from overtightening. If you pull the valve cover and run your finger over the gasket mating surface, you'll prbably feel the area around the bolt hole is raised. If so, take a small ball peen hammer and tap those up. If not, the area around the bolt hole holds the gasket tight, while not applying even pressure to the gasket in other areas.

I also agree with PA, I apply a very thin layer of ultra black to both sides of the gasket. So thin that almost none spooges out when you tighten it down.

This is normal on an old rig but make sure the pcv valve is in good shape and hooked to a good vacuum source.
I just got done with mine. After cleaning everything, and making sure the cover is flat. Spread a thin layer of rtv over the cover. Put the gasket on, using the bolts to line everything up. Let it sit overnight. Next day, spread thin layer of rtv on head, put the cover on, and finger tighten the bolts. Let it sit a few hors, then tighten the bolts to spec. Let sit a few hours, then you are good to go.
I have had good luck using high tack on the valve cover gaskets instead of RTV. Holds them in place and you can remove gasket a lot easier later on. No waiting to assemble and gasket doesn't squish out.
There is a product called " The Right Stuff ". It makes its own gasket and will seal any surface you put it on. You don't have to worry about nicks etc. I used it three years ago on my valve cover and haven't had a leak since. Most auto parts stores carry it. Follow the easy directions and you won't be disappointed. It takes all the guesswork out of properly installing a gasket that won't leak.


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