Valve cover leak.....wierd!

Valve cover leak.....wierd!


1974 cj5 currently in process of body off restoration and installing fiberglass tub
I have a 74 CJ5 with a 258. I bought it from a teenage boy and his father who had "restored" it. As usual my work would have been much easier had they left it alone. My question is about the valve cover. It leaked, as usual, and they just kept tightening until there was nothing left of the gasket and in doing so cracked the valve cover around the washers. I have looked everywhere for a machined aluminum valve cover, and have come to the conclusion without spending a fortune that just isnt gonna happen. Does anyone have or know where i could find a replacement or a used? At this point all I want is for it to stop leaking!
motor should be a 232, anyhow heres some links that should help you out
Trans-Dapt Performance Products 9339 - Trans-Dapt Performance Chrome Valve Covers - Overview -
just a quick google search brought up these, they are cheap enough but chrome, i'm not gonna say they won't leak. if i'm not mistaken you can drill and tap the holes in your head to accept the later model valve covers. you don't have a whole lot of options for the older motors.
To bad you dont live down the street. I have an extra aluminum one I would give you. sorry
It is very possible that there has been an engine swap somewhere the person I bought it from only had it for a few years. They didnt mention it but the person before could have. Are there any castings or stamps on the block or head that I could break down to figure out exactly what it is? I could also upload some pics if that would help. It is a stamped steel cover that is on it right now. Several people told me that aluminum cover for a newer model would fit so I ordered one from quadratec, but when i got it in it would not in fact work because my head and valve cover has recesses where the spark plugs are and the one i got was a straight shot. Thanks for all your input!
in an unrelated question why does my profile picture not show up with my posts like others do?
I see it
A pretty good way to seal your valve cover gasket is this...
Throw away the gasket. Then take some RTV and spread it out in a thin thin on the cover. Let it sit until it gets tacky (meaning it 'sets up' to where it skins over). Then gently put the cover on and HAND-TIGHTEN the cover bolts. Then run then down using ONLY a socket and extension (NO ratchet used here). Keep tightening gently all around the cover in circles until it feels good. then go get a :beer: and let it set some more. Then go out and fire her up and see if it worked!
Throw away the gasket.

Humm Not so sure I would do that.

Check you engine code to be sure of the year.

Check out eBay. New or used should be there.

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