Vendor/seller question

I have never bought from them.

A couple things good and a couple bad...

Good -

The domain name registered in Jan 2003
It is registered until 2014
Lists a phone # right on the page.
I cannot find any thing bad about the site on jeepforum or earlycj5 but they are mentioned as a parts source.

Bad -

A AOL email address??
They only now accept MC and Visa??

He lists some of the stuff I have been looking for. I'm going to try him out...

EDIT: I added the site a while ago to the links are here...

I forgot about that! Must have killed those brain cells!
lol, yeah he's got some parts i need too but kinda hmmmm...... about the aol addy

I have personally met him and done business with him. The whole operation is out of his garage next to his house. I'd deal with him again in a heartbeat.
He fixed me up with a RF inner and outer shaft with new U-joint for my Jeep when I couldn't find anyone else who had one on the shelf that wasn't made of gold.

He does take cash also...but thats kinda risky to send by mail...:laugh:
Most of his stuff (at least when I was there) is out of the OMIX-ADA catalog, or from parts rigs he's collected. He might have added suppliers since I talked to him last.
yep, We moved from just north of Portland to OK in Dec. '07

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