voltage drop

voltage drop

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ive recently put a new yellow top optima in the jeep. im not sure if this problem started before or after.

when you turn on the head lights the volt meter bottoms out. is this normal? common sense wants to tell me no.

it doesnt go down when you crank up the radio or have the heat on as well but if the lights are turned on it drops like a dead bird and when you flip them off it springs right back up to 12.

this is worrying me since im about to install a DUI ignition that says requires 14 volts.

any insight appreciated
Since this happened after installing the Yellow Top, it could be connection related. Like something came loose in your wiring when you hooked it up. Make sure your battery posts and terminals are clean, your battery charge should be about 14.5 volts under operation. Jeep headlights are poorly grounded, try a jumper wire from the grille to the negative post on the battery.

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