Voltmeter jumps backwards.

Voltmeter jumps backwards.


Key West, Fl
1983 CJ-7, 4.2L
When I turn the key on, the voltmeter goes backwards. What would cause this? Could it have anything to do with the fact that I've got a crank/no start situation going on?

Headlights/taillights/blinkers all work.
It would have something to do with the polarity of the gauge being backwards.:cool:
Did you just hook it? It sounds like the wires are on backwards.
Or a bad gauge. Check it with another voltmeter that you know is good.
yeah, it's new - all of the gauges are. i was wondering if just switching the wires might do it; i'll give that a shot. it's a Painless harness, and there was a mistake on the labeling of the oil gauge/speedo wires, so...maybe here too. though it did match the directions.

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