Build Thread Want to hear her run. 66 CJ5

Build Thread Want to hear her run. 66 CJ5


Riverside, Calif.
1966 CJ5, Buick V6, 225. Rough condition,but all there.
I bought a 66 CJ5, with the 225, two years ago wanting to restore it. Well just paying my mortgage is difficult these days, and the little CJ is just sitting there. I wanted to rebuild the motor, but have decided to just replace the rings and bearing with the engine still in the jeep. My father in law who is a master shade tree mechanic from the old, old school is going to help me, as I am just kind of learning mechanics, but am a fast learner.
He suggest I also replace the timing chain. Any advice on any thing else I should check out or replace. I just want to hear her run. I did a compression check cold, using just the starter to turn the engine and it was all over the place I guess a valve job is probably in order also. Any advice would be appreciated. I going out to start taring down the motor after I finish this. I'll keep you all posted of my progress. Thanks. Beastmaster
If it were me I would just keep it limping along or keep it parked until you could afford to do it right with respect to the block especially. These old Jeeps have a way of eating holes in your wallet pretty fast when you dig in at all and to try and shade tree the bottom end while in the CJ means no machine work can happen as needed and you would be throwing good money after bad in my view. Pulling the head and having it redone would be worthwhile possibly and may bring your compression back in line. The cam chain can be checked easily to see if it's even necessary right away too but heck maybe you'll allready have the engine tore down by the time you get back here. ;)
I say do what you can with what you got. Low funds just means it will take longer which isn't a bad thing at all. Just at least spend a tad bit of cash to preserve what you got such as rustolium paint to stop rust and what not so the condition of your jeep doesn't get any worse than it is. By the way let's see some pictures!!
Thanks for the replying. Ive already pulled off the intake and had a peek inside. Like I said I personally don't have a lot of experience, and I already have a question that might seem pretty basic to some. The lobes on the cam, some areas are shiny like their hard chromed, then other part of the same lobe looked like the hard chrome has wear off. Is this Normal? or is that a sign of a flat spot?
Believe me I would love to do this old jeep up right. Had every intention of doing a ground up restoration, but its been sitting now for two years. My wife has been asking me what I'm going to do with it. People are stopping by asking if I want to sell it. I feel I have to get the ball rolling and do what I can. I know fixing a little here, patching some thing there, will in the long run cost more then doing it right, but that is my only option right now. I plan on keeping it for ever so I have time(entail I run out of time)
Its been raining here pretty good so I haven't been able to work on it this week, but I have been taking pictures and I'll post them soon. thank, Beastmaster

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