weber 32/36 whats up with it -rethread

weber 32/36 whats up with it -rethread


charlotte nc
1985 jeep scrambler 258 t5 dana 300 stock axles 456 gears 4 inch bds lift with 35x13.50 toyos and other stuff
I just installed a weber 32/36 on my 85 CJ8 straight six motor that is de smogged and has headers with a Holley fuel pressure regulator set at 3 psi . the jeep idles great and runs pretty good but when you try to open the secondary by mashing the throttle in it falls on its face "especially in 4th gear and some in 3rd" then picks back up and goes but if you progressively push down it opens right up but only in 2nd and 3rd gear it will work. maybe its because i have 35s with 3:31 gears but the other problem is when i try to go at a slow crawling speed it starts to buck and stall out.

Thanks any help will be appreciated.

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