Weber conversion base gaskets

Weber conversion base gaskets


1978 CJ-7 258
I am working on a 78 CJ7 with a 258. I bought an intake and exhaust manifold of a 83 because of what I had was a single barrel. The guy threw in a Weber DGAV 32-36 he had no the intake. It has the conversion plates. I rebuilt the carb and am putting the who thing back together so I can install it on the Jeep. However I am thinking that the guy had the base gaskets on the carb screwed up. He had the gasket with the one large oval openning under the carb. This would not seperate the primary and secondary. It doen't make any sense. Anyway I don't have the instal instructions and Weber will not provide them. Does anyone have a photo or instructions so I can determine if I have my gaskets set up correctly?
Primary and secondary separation are not necessary on a 258 intake, it is a single plane open intake, all the fuel mixes in the same place, so no separation is needed.

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