What transmission do I have?

What transmission do I have?

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1974 CJ5, 304V8
2012 JKUR
I have a 1974 CJ5 with a 304 V8, I have looked around but I am not 100% possitive on what Transmission and Transfer Case I have. I need to rebuild the Transmission and adjust the linkage in the T/C. Can anyone help me figure out what I have?
If you still have the stock one if it's a 3sp it would be a t-14 if it's a 4sp it would be a t-18 and the transfer case should be a Spicer 20.
If it is stock and a 3 speed, it should be a T-15 or if it is a 4 speed a T18. The trans case should be a spicer 20.

See --> http://www.jeep-cj.com/forums/f105/manual-cj-transmissions-12112/
-->> http://www.jeep-cj.com/forums/f105/transfer-cases-12108/

It is a 3 spd, and thats what i was thinking it was the T-15 but someone told me that it could be the T-14 so I was looking for something that I could look for to see which one it is. I was also wondering if I should keep the T-15 (if thats what it is) or if i should swap it for the T-18. I dont know which one is stronger.
A T-18 is way stronger than a T-15 no doubt.
BUT, I have used a T-15 in my '74 during mud racing, and it survived my built-up 360 just fine.
The biggest difference is in the gear selections. A T-18 has a 'granny' or 'creeper' gear in first gear. Not great for mud running at all, but invaluable during rock climbing. But it will not change the final drive ratio ( it will not reduce engine RPM at hiway speeds, no overdrive)
It really depends on your planned usage of the Jeep.

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