what transmission would have been used in 2wd versions?

what transmission would have been used in 2wd versions?


Mid Atlantic
1964 CJ5
I'm working on another project. I'm building a Model A Ford, but using a 2.0 Pinto engine. I do not want to use a stock trans because they are unsynchronized. Some I'm wading through my options. The short transmissions used in Jeep would be nice to use. There is an adapter made to bolt o the 2.0 engine already, however, the T90 uses a transfer case. I don't want a 4wd Model A :) So what trans could be used 2wd?? I know there were some 2wd Jeeps ( DJs ), so what trans did they use?? Has to be short like a T90. Thanks
my '67 DJ-5 2wd used a T86 behind the 4 cyl. engine. very short and compact. If I wouldn't have let it go with the engine when I sold it, I'd get pics of it for ya.
This may be a stupid question but why not use a pinto tranny? Those things had a 94" wheelbase ( about the same as a CJ7) so I am sure the tranny is fairly short. That would have to be cheaper/easier than adapting another tranny.
the few Pintos my buddies and I used to run had transmissions that were anything but short...the shifter on those was waayy back near the output shaft to place them in the right place on the console. Probably about 24" or better in length.

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