what will a cam do for me

what will a cam do for me


charlotte nc
1985 jeep scrambler 258 t5 dana 300 stock axles 456 gears 4 inch bds lift with 35x13.50 toyos and other stuff
i have an 85 CJ8 with a 258 HEI weber 32/36 and 35s and soon to be 456 gears will a cam give me better fuel economy and grunt which one do u guys recommend.
thanks it will be appreciated
I would vote for the oem camshaft. A performance cam should give you more power on the top end while removing performance on the bottom end along with gas mileage. The 258 is an excellent low end engine so keep the rpms down. I have been able to get by with 4.10s and 35s, but it is tough on the high altitude hills. If you want better gas mileage and performance fuel injection is the ticket.
In a month I'll tell you how it runs. I will be running a howells and a 4.0 head on my motor so it might not show you how it will do on a stock motor.
I think you should get the gears in it and then see if you think you still need a cam. You put low gears in and it will be a hole differnt Jeep.

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