Wheeling an F head

Wheeling an F head


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Well I'm picking up an F head Friday after searching for motors high and low in my area. I decided that it was ok because I found out my gearing in the axles is 5.38.

So I'm just curious, how many people have wheeled all 75 of these ponies? How well does it work? I'm going to be running 33's, stock axles with a locker in the rear, and thats about it. Planning on driving it as well as wheeling, and using a lot of gas… Thinking about propane injection, any kits for this motor? I know there is a DIY on propane injection in this forum but don't remember if its universal or just for the specific motor.

This motor is supposed to be in top notch shape, and is $200 including everything (starter to stock air cleaner). I'm paying $100 now, and then when I get it running and am satisfied will be paying the extra $100 then.
They are fun in stock form, putting 33's on it would be totaly unrealistic and you would be good for maybe 45 mph. sure you have 5.38 gears but those were factory installed when running 7.00-16 tires that stand about 27" high. As far as trying to squeeze more power out of the Huricane-forget about it. The are torquey little motors but not highway cruisers.
I'm guessing top speed realistically will be 45 to 50 mph, there will be trailers to use when going wheeling if need be. But I'm planning on putting my way up there. It's not made to be a highway cruiser. I'm picking up a dauntless but wont be going in this year. Maybe next year after a summer shakedown of the setup.
I wheeled a 134 in my '65 CJ5 for a couple years and they rock. They have good torque for the tiny little engine they are and paired with the low axle gearing it crawls great around the rocks.
Yeah...I think topend was around 50-55 with that little motor screaming under the hood :rolleyes:
Sweet thanks! I know you wrote up the propane injection DIY, you have any knowledge of doing that to this motor?
Sweet thanks! I know you wrote up the propane injection DIY, you have any knowledge of doing that to this motor?
My knowledge extends to the point that I know any internal combustion engine can be converted to propane. :D

You should visit Propane Conversion Kits and see what they have to say. They are very helpful and can answer any questions you may have. I know they have kits for 4cylinders up to V8s....
In the mid to late 50s the F head 4 was about the only thing everybody had in their Willys Jeep be it a CJ,a wagon,or the pickup. The Hurricane flat head 6 was around but few had them. Those F head 4s took those vehicles everywhere they had to go. No problem. Jack.
I suppose. Well, I got it today. Puttin 'er in tomorrow!

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