where can i find clutch housing, inspection cover, and spacer.

where can i find clutch housing, inspection cover, and spacer.


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hey jeeps my clutch housing has a hole in it where the fly wheel shows and so i guess i need those parts to change it since i already going to change out the clutch. where could i find these? i looked at quad, 4wd, and others. is there any other sites.
Are you talking about this? The boot that goes around the Clutch fork?

no i talking bout the big steel housing. it covers the fly wheel along with the clutch. It says its called the clutch housing. but someone said i need to go ahead and change out the other stuff also
it may be... or the one in front of 27 with the spacer looking thing....i dont have that book in front of me. where did you get that at?
The one directly in front of 27 is your actual transmission case. The one in the square is the bellhousing. It bolts dierctly to the motor and covers the clutch and flywheel. Heres a link to the pic I found

Tremec T150 Transmission Parts at Morris4x4
Id try and find a good used one if I were you. If you use searchtempest.com and put in the keyword for Jeep bellhousing you may be able to find one close to you. It searches all the craigslist ads in a certain range of miles you put in to the criteria. Link below.

Search Tempest - The EASY way to search Craigslist!
i don't mean to hijack this thread but what bolt size attaches
the T-150 to the bellhousing? ( size/pitch)
Wheres the hole at?

Sounds like youre a little new at this and Id hate to see you buy stuff you don't need to.

Is this the hole where the clutch fork comes out?

An inspection hole that the plate fell off of?

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