Where can I get a crank pulley harmonic stabilizer

Where can I get a crank pulley harmonic stabilizer


San Francisco, CA
I have a 1983 CJ7 and the fan belt and ripped twice and now my mechanic is saying I need a new crank pulley and that will run me 265 just for the parts and another 300 for labor. is the price on the part correct? that seems extremely expensive
That is extremely expensive...but mechanics have a mark-up to follow. Labor seems a bit high, that's roughly 5 hours of labor at $60/hr :wtf: It doesnt take 5 hours to do one of these. I can pull a 4.2 and totally disassemble it in that amount of time :rolleyes:

Check the classifieds.......go over them meticulously and you will find a good harmonic balancer. I got one for $20 off of Pirate4x4.
I agree with CJim7 sounds way to high.
What motor would we be talking about??:cool:
yeah the 258. i talked to them today and he said he would look around for some aftermarket or used ones but claims thats what the dealer said. basically told him I wasnt paying that. seems online you can get new ones for 70 bucks. thanks for your help guys

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