Where to get good gaskets cheep?

Where to get good gaskets cheep?


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I am ordering gaskets and seals for my 304,t400,quadratrac, p/s pump, and p/s box. Looking to get a good quality set and the place that has the best price. Any good or bad experiences with brands and suppliers? My father-in-law (Manlove ) :D can get most brands, but if I can order them online and save him and myself some time, I would prefer it.
For the engine, I only use one brand, FelPro. They are a subsidiary of Federal-Mogul and well worth their price. But for header gaskets I like the Mr Gasket or Hooker thick brand.

As for trans seals and such, I use what ever is at the parts store.
I was thinking fel pro, but sounds like it is unanimous. Got my trans. seals today, need to order the eng., trtansfer, and p/s seals next.
If its an auto go ahead and put a shift kit in it!
you wont be sorry
For ur engine requirements.. try jegs.com. Search there and U can get variety there. FelPro is the brand name look for them. And for others.. there nothing specific. Can search www.windrockoffroad.com
Do reply wat U got and wat still is pending.!
But you can get felpro at Auto Zone. Or was that Napa... One of the local stores sell them.

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