Which carburator is this on my 304cid?

Which carburator is this on my 304cid?


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1979 CJ7 Renegade, 304cid, MC 2150 Carb, TH400 tranny, Dana 300 twin stick, Dana 44 front w/lock right, Dana 44 rear w/truetrack locker, 33x12.5 Goodrich's, Warn 8k, onboard air, Motorcraft TFI ignition upgrade, WipeBoy wiper upgrade, Painless wiring harness, backup lamps, Driving lamps, YJ brake booster and MC upgrade swap, Rear tow hitch

I got an AMC 304cid with a Motorcraft 2bbl carburator. The tag on the carb reads, "E4TE APA." Then under that line on the tag is another much smaller line with lettering reading, "B 3G 12."

Is this the MC2100 or the MC2150, or another Motorcraft carb? I want to rebuild and want to know which kit to buy.

Any help is appreciated.
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You have a 2150........ The capped altitude port is the give away.

Hope that helps ya out.
Glad to spot a hand. 1 thing you have a 2150 high altitude, however the port is capped your unit has been set for low altitude or under 1000' as I remember........ >If I got the altitude wrong some one please correct me< The change is in the ports I don't remember the sizes, sorry couldn't be more help.

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