Why don't my signals work

Why don't my signals work


London Ontario Canada
1980 CJ7, 360, 4 spd,
OK 80 CJ7 I have reverse, brake and tail lights and the hazards work but no signal lights, replaced signal switch as it was cracked, checked all fuses and bulbs, have good grounds.

In the fuse pannel there is a hazzard flasher (round, silver 2 prongs), beside it is a slot for the turn signal flasher, however there is no power conections for it.
But up under the dash there is a flasher exactly the same as the hazzard flasher, even if i switch the 2 the result is the same.
There is also a white coloured box with 3 prongs up under the dash right next to the other flasher now is this the one for the signals.

Any help would be great
I feel your pain! When my lights are off everything is fine, however....with headlights on right blinkers do not work, but left do. Additionally, I noticed in a bumper reflection from the car in front of me, when I push the brake pedal, my small front turn signals come on as well. Drove to Sears the other night and I have ZERO interior/dash lights. I haven't dove into any of that yet, well, I really don't know where to start.:confused:

Good luck.
If you are not tracing back your wiring using a FSM and checking each and every ground you will never figure it out. You have to start from the beginning on CJ wiring and learn How to trouble shoot bad ground and poor connections.

Get a FSM and learn how to trace the wiring. You,ll be switching out components and guessing what is wrong forever unless you get faMiilure with CJ wiring.
Whats FSM stand for?

Factory Service Manual. It is the manual the dealer uses.

I have one and they are great! They are way better than Chiltons and Haynes guides. They will give you step be step guide on how to replace anything on your Jeep. Mine is in a PDF format so I can print what ever I need and toss it when I am done.

I have a copy for 1979 Jeeps. PM me if you would like a copy.

You can try this too

That would be great, I have 2 Jeep manuals but neither are the factory manual, they are pretty good with most info, but sketchy in other areas.
I tried to down load the manual how ever it was all scrambled, I'll pm you if ya don't mind.

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