will a carrier that holds 3:52's hold 4:88's?

will a carrier that holds 3:52's hold 4:88's?


NE Iowa
t14, v6 oddfire, stock. Late 60' cj5 (no title so haven't verified yet) late 40's Willy's jeep cab. Dana 44 rear and 30's front. 4.88 gears. Drum brakes. No power steering. Don't know much else yet. Haven't tore into it too much.
will a carrier that holds 3;52's hold 4:88 gears? I just got a nt Dana 30 with good disc brakes and all the steering links etc, and it has 3:52's in it. I need to go to 4:88's. I know I can get 4:88's for the Dana 30 , but not sure if the carriers are the same between the two. I picked up the complete axle for $50. It has Superwinch lockouts. Never had them before. Not sure if that's good or bad. I've always used Warn.
Please delete your duplicate post
workin on it. computer is acting up....
the carrier should take the gears
I think the break is in the high 3s
those warns will fit the Dana 30

Cool. Thanks. Wasn't really ready to get the front axle, but I came across it on CL and it was right in the town was driving through. Gotta love my Android and CL apps. Everyone should have one. Of course I sell them, so... Thanks for the quick response, and thanks to whomever deleted my duplicate post. My laptop is flaky, like some of my best friends...
no thanks needed, is part of my job as a mod here to do such
Break is 3.73 and up numerically. So what you want to put something other than the open carrier in there anyway. It's only money:rolleyes:
I noticed that all the drawn images of Dana 30 's look a little different than this. Mine seems to have a little hump right above the fill hole. The pix don't show it well, but the drawings of 30's don't ever show this. It does have a stamped "30" right on it. I would assume it's a 30.
looks like a 30 to me
Break is 3.73 and up numerically.

XJ used 3.55 and 3.07s.

The Dana 30 is a bolt in for the D27 closed knuckle.

Check the overall width. You're running a narrow track.

Not sure what year they used 3.52s. Make sure the diff is on the passenger side.

(Need a large Tru-trac?)

Are the hubs a 5 bolt or 6 bolt for the lockouts?

Best to get the right setup first time, rather than go through the converting.

Check out this link https://sites.google.com/a/jeepinwv.com/tech/Home/new-d30---change
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