will not fire plugs

will not fire plugs
1976 jeep cj7,258 inline 6, playtoy build.
1976 258 in CJ7 new distributor with bid system, new ecm, new dist. cap, new rotor button, changed coil 3 times, coil will send out fire, but will not travel from button to tower. all wiring and grounds have been gone thru, and grounds are good. high voltage is coming thru coil wire, but will not distribute to plug wires. about to pull my hair out. please help. i have read through all 80 pages of threads, and this is not mentioned nowhere.
yes, everything is right, thanks for replying. the jeep was running, and stopped running due to no fire going thru the tower. i am stumped.
run a designated ground to the head from bat neg.??:cool:

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