Winch Identification

Winch Identification


Yakima, WA
1966 Jeep CJ5, 2003 BMW E46 330Xi
This came witht the 5 I bought and have been ressurecting. The decal is beginning to fade so I could only make out some of the info. Can anyone help decipher it or point me in the direction of where to do so?

Looks like this:

WARN MODEL 90?? (first question mark MIGHT be a 4)

Part No.
Serial No. 32976
Date Code B4F
A bigger, better pic would help. :rolleyes:
x 2 plus more angles
I know, sorry my friend that I work with has the camera and we both live 2 hours opposite directions from where the jeep is. I guess I was hoping to learn more from the information I listed. is that possible?
You could call warn, I'm sure they could help.
do google searches, however from what you posted I cannot come up with a hit.
Best I could do without making even blurrier.

Looks like an old M9000 - pre M8000 and the XD series. Where is the spool control is it a thumb tab or an angled turn key?
Not sure if this is what you're asking, but its the pistol grip style remote with a toggle switch and it plugs in on the top left. It goes into the plastic Warn cover.

I will try and take better pics of it up close so we can identify it.
I think fitz is asking about the control on the winch itself for spooling it out or in. He seems to be on top of this thread the best with that question. I personally would love to see the answer.
Here are a couple better pics of the winch up close. You can see just how worn the sticker is on it so it's difficult to read. I haven't even spent enough time on it to recoil the wire and attach a hook but I tested it earlier and it works just fine.

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