Windjammer combo instead of top

Windjammer combo instead of top


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1971 dodge dart built 318
Just got a deck cover installed and installing strapless bikini tomorrow. My thoughts....... I have no top or doors, what if I got two piece soft doors and a windjammer? I am not dding her, just on snow days. Would my stock heater be able to keep up?:rolleyes:
The stock heater in my Scrambler is ok , but thats with full steel doors and 1/2 hard top. Your set up isnt going to completely seal the passenger compartment. I think the wind will wreak havok on your 2 piece soft doors with that combo.
I actually used to drive my 7 year round with that set-up. My stock heater kept up well enough, if I was wearing a light jacket.

I also keep a little handheld squeegee between the windshield and dash pad, that acts as my "defog" option and when driving in the rain, I use it to keep the rain off the inside of the windshield since the windjammer isn't a sealed unit.
It's going to look something like this, theres a lot of cold air gets in.
Thanx for that Pic. I live in a mountain region. Not huge but alot of elevation changes in my area. Cross winds in the winter would relegate that set up to no later than Autumn.
It's going to look something like this, theres a lot of cold air gets in.
That idea is no more. I don't like being cold! Super top here I come!

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