Windshield 82 CJ7

Windshield 82 CJ7


SW Washington
1943 GPW Stock
1982 CJ7, 151ci
Hi all,
New to the site and new to CJ's, grew up in old willy's and a hound dog.
Need to get a new windshield frame and glass, there are many options out there and I perfer quaility over junk.
Any help would be appreciated!
Cheers to all :chug: have a happy and safe new year.
If you want quality I would search for a good used original windshield frame over buying aftermarket. CL would be a good option I’ve found and purchased original rust free frames with glass for $50-$100.
If I were keeping all original I agree, CL is a good place to look for savings. DeaLer will not be cheap. Most aftermarket OEM spec frames such as those at Morris are only about $140. Cheapest frames I have seen are on Ebay at $118 with shipping. Main thing with original is you will have to have it sanded then matched vs coming primed when buying new.

Glass all has to meet certain standards to go on the road and on CL is about $80 or you can find for $100 installed (at least thas what I have paid).

I flopped my Jeep OEM and it crushed frame and broke windshield the same as when I did the cheap one. So IMO it's really about how close to stock you want to keep it.
Thanks guy's, I kinda figured the aftermarket frames were all stamped junk from across the pond.
Now who is CL and where do I find them? :confused:
Like I said I am new to CJ's, I will try not to ask to many stupid question.

CL = Craigslist

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