Windshield washer help ?

Windshield washer help ?


SW Michigan
1977 CJ5 304 V8 3 speed Trans Fiberglass front end,
My 77 CJ5 has a one piece front fiberglass front end, and some of the under hood stuff has been moved and removed, Coolant tank, washer tank, etc.

Can someone tell me where the washer hose enters the fire wall and what color wire goes to the washer pump,

Also under the battery tray I have a hole in the tub approximately one inch in diameter does someone know what this was for ???
I'm thinking the hole under the battery tray is the drain hole for the cowl vent. A picture would help us figure it out.

The washer hose enters at the RH drivers side firewall about midway between the hump and cowl. Should be a large rubber grommet.

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