windshield wiper fix

windshield wiper fix


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well the inevitable happened, my wipers quit working. I took it apart and found the linkage broke on the end where the factory bushing goes. Well there isn't anyplace that sells one locally, and i figured if i buy one it'll probably wind up the same way, so i fixed the one i had and hopefully made it stronger in the process. I figured i would share my fix with you guys maybe you can use it later, so here goes.

this is the linkage with the end broke off of it, it split right in the middle of the hole the bushing goes into. the hole the bushing fits in is 9/16, so i went and picked up a couple of washers, i then took and line up the inside diameter of the washer with what was left of the linkage, and traced the outside diameter of the washer.

then took a grinder and cut it out to match the washer

with the bushing

here it is after welding both sides, and grinding it into shape, along side what i started with.

you can see how much material i left compared to what the it was from the factory.

coat of paint, finished.

re-installed, covered in white lithium grease.

total cost $0.48 for the washers :chug:
Good think'n :notworthy: I'm sure thats one we're all use.
Now thats what I'm talking about! great job! This is the one that goes from the motor to the first blade??:notworthy:
Here is the $64 question, why did it brake?
wipers binding 76 CJ5

i build a 76 CJ5 . Bought a san juan tub complete with windshield, I bought new wiper motor and all linkeage. first time i used the wipers they bound up and quit working after a few miles.I took out the motor and the arm had come off the wiper motor. ordered new motor and when i installed it found that it moved when wipers worked.To make the story short the holes in the windshield was a 1/4in off where the motor bolts on.Not enough room to move the holes,so i added 1/4 in length to the short linkage problem fixed cost 00.00

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