Winter Sucks

Winter Sucks


Senior Jeeper
Ground up YJ.

Looking to get a CJ
Any questions ? :madjeep::grinjeep: Not taking my Junk out on the salt covered roads.

Somehow pulling 7,000 lbs of trailer and Jeep down a ice/snow covered road does`nt thrill me either. :censored:
Shoot six holes in your freezer.
I hear that helps. :chug:
Hard to say John, I had the HD out again the other day. That is 6 days so far in 2011.

(Some people do give me strange looks though):D
That`s why the call you the ICEMAN, RJ :D

Still one of my favorite photos of the bike.
You remember correctly, 2008.

I rode the bike up to the gym the other day and a guy asked the people at the front desk where they stored the bike when it wasn't parked out front. When they told them I rode it to the gym, the guy wouldn't believe them.

This weekend, we are getting down the dog sled TJ and the Scouts hand built a few years ago. We still have it and are going to hook the dogs up to it and let them pull the grand daughter around the yard on it. Should be fun.
I'm with ya Derf...A great day to be in the shop, and I am headed to Tulsa for the weekend...No shop time for me.

I will be in OKC over next weekend if you wanna get together!

Snow is like mud, only you don't have to wash it off. :) Now salt is another matter.:(
i got cabin fever to. tired of cold and snow. i have no garage and i got fenders to sand and paint. a header to wire brush and paint. cant do any of it till it gets warm out :mad: then i get to put it all on and dont want to do it in the cold either. i also want to take the bottom plate out of my springpacks to try to softin the ride alittle and get alittle more flex.
Can't say anything about the salt, except wash it off after and go enjoy the snow

All doors off

Drivers door off for better viewing.

Our clubs winter carnival. 25 rigs playing in the snow running a slalom course. blind driver run, tractor tire pull and hill climb.
Oh yeah I trailered that CJ to it and had no probs. Glad I did, carnage wouldn't have let me drive home.
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Looks like we're going to get a pretty good dusting tomorrow.

Being a ways south, they're calling it "snowmageddon". Back home in the great white north they'd call it Tuesday.

But Oklahoma isn't set up to deal with this kind of snow since it only happens once or twice a year. So I'll fire up the heater and clean the garage in preparation for swapping the 5.3 into the CJ.
lol I'm a northern boy myself...I see this and go, "here we go again". everyone around me starts freaking out and buying out all the stores.
I kinda like driving in the snow. Although we did almost get run down by a semi truck this morning that wasn't paying attention. :O

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