Wiper arms....

Wiper arms....


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1985 Jeep CJ7
Not knowing if this has been addressed or not but can Wrangler (87-94) wiper arms be swapped out for CJ arms? This would give better options for wiper blades when going for replacements.
main concern, just measure the length and figure the throw, on a CJ, there isn't a lot of room on either side for the wiper, and you don't want it going over and scratching window frames, or wiping out your wiper blade.. I keep thinking an extra inch would be nice.. but haven't tried it yet..
My concern in addition to that would be the splines on the arms themselves(diameter and spline count).
I think they are the same but I'm not 100% sure. If they aren't it would be the studs they mount to that is differant.
I have an extra set of CJ arms nd I'm going to see who in the area has a set of Wranglers in stock and do a comparo...It would be a lot easier for a pin type blae mount than the wavy blade that CJ's have.
to be continued, film at 11.....

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