Wiring in a tach to the Chevy ign. Module

Wiring in a tach to the Chevy ign. Module


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Anyone know where to tie in a SUN tach to the Chevy HEI module I have installed in the Jeep? :chug:
You should find a wire on the distributor that is marked "TAC" or "TACH". That's where you will get the signal.
he has the tfi using an hei ign mod same as mine. you don't tie it into the ign mod itself, you use the ground side of the coil.

ground side of the coil, thanks. can i tap into the twisted pair near the module, or would it be better to take a seperate wire right to the coil?

busadave, thanks :) but I dont have the hei dizzy, just the module under the dash. Its a little bit of everything lol
If it were me I'd go straight to the - side of the coil.

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