wiring tips

wiring tips


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Wiring seems to be the most intimidating thing in a restoration. A good wiring diagram, solder gun is really all you need. Wiring takes time and it helps to be neat and orderly. Wiring diagrams are not hard to read. One of the hardest things I find is when a wire runs a long distance EX the fuel gauge wire. It runs from the gauge to the back of the jeep. with one exception! It's pink and one of the only pink wires there are. A good ohm meter will help to making sure you have a good ground. I restoed a chevy truck and painted the :dung: out of it, put it together, ran the wiring, Nothing worked!!! I had to go back and scrape paint to get good grounds. On all your ground wires use star washers!!!!! This will solve this problem. Take that plastic loom :dung: off ALL your wiring. Never, let me repeat NEVER assume the wiring is good under that loom. Another hint I learned from aircraft maintenance is if you have to splice a bundle of wires EX: bulkhead, stagger the splices. In other words splice one wire at the bad spot. Move down a couple of inches from that splice etc etc. It will be alot cleaner looking. Use adel clamps. Harbor frieght has an assortment box of them. Lastly patience. One wire at a time!!! I hope this helps.
I like the self sealing heat shrink tubing to keep things neat and clean.
I have been using some clever little barbed mounts that you can thread a cable tie through, just drill a 3/32 hole in the firewall/ fender wherever you need to secure the wiring.
I worked on aircraft and thats what I know is the aircraft way. It's way more dependable. Adel clamps are a pain to put in but they are there and thats it. But thats the way I do things. I have seen tie wraps brake after a couple months.

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