Wondering out loud

Wondering out loud


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1978 CJ-7 304 / TH 400 / Quadratrac 32 in Mud Terrains
.......Why you dont see more Ford 460 swaps into Jeeps? Awesome torque motors. Thoughts anyone?
I can think of a few reasons:
Not enough room for it without major surgery
the drivetrain would have to match, and there isn't enough room/length for it in a 5
the torque would crack/twist the frame like a pretzel

not to say it can't be done, it has been done. Just not practical for a street/trail truck, just a drag or mud racer. I actually thought about it with the rock crawler chassis I have, until I really thought about it.
As mylittlecj said TO much of a good thing:D
Don't forget out own member CJRAT396 ! He has that BB Chevy in a CJ7... :)

CJRATS BB motor and one tons in my project CJ :drool::drool::drool:
I would own the world

(ok maybe the trails):D
Well I wasnt thinking about putting a t-5 behind it. :) I understand the length restiction of a CJ5 but that wont be a problem for me either. Im still planning out the Alumi-truck. :D That 'll have plenty of room for it with an automatic to boot.
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Hopefully Cjrat will see this and give an idea on what he did to fit that in there. Looks real good. :notworthy:

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