worked myself out of a job

worked myself out of a job


RIP Mike, we'll all miss you
OKC area
'74 CJ-5,
360 AMC Engine.
35x12.50x15 TSL Super Swamper tires.

In a frame off rebuild for a long time...
We did such a good job on this TDY job that the boss is sending half the crew home. :chug: dunno if thats such a great thing (the pay isn't as good at the home base), but at least I'll get some home time with my bride and the baby.

Stay tooned for some actual progress on my CJ. :eek:
I guess that is a bad thing and a good thing... Sometimes the time at home with the family is worth the reduction in pay though! :)
Congrats? Since you haven't been home in a while, atleast name your jeep after your wife. That way you can say," I spend all my time with (wife's name here)". :D
You really can't put a price on time with the kids. I would love to be able to quit my job and work from home so I can spend more time with the kids.
I work Thurs. to Sat. from 7 am to 9 pm. Don't get to see my kids those days, but then I have off from Sun. to Weds., so I spend all day with them those days. I work on the jeep when they go to bed and the wife's shows come on.
Well, I made it from NE NJ to Indianapolis, IN today. only 11 hours driving.
PC, Unfortunately I don't get to take the Jeep with me, But I will be spending some quality time with it at home. Besides, I'd have to ask Sammy (our daughter) if I could name the thing (she really thinks its hers :laugh:)

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