YJ frame under a CJ

YJ frame under a CJ


Québec, Canada
F-150 2004. CJ-7 1984. Harley FLHX 2007.
Hi all,
been a long time but between building a house, rebuilding the CJ and a recovery from back surgery I found some time now. My question is: Is a YJ frame is the same with and length of the CJ and can I put everything from my CJ and a YJ frame. My CJ frame broke at the rear shakles on both side and here in Quebec is illegal to weld on a frame and I have to go for a mechanical inspection in order to plate that jeep, so if they see welding on the frame it's a no go.
Thanks again
i don't know about the frame width and length, although they should be similar. if i were you i'd find a yj and strip it down to tub, frame, and springs then just bolt your dash, front clip, tailgate, motor, tranny, and axles then you'd pretty much have yourself a cj with all of the benefits of a yj and no one would ever know. but i guess you can figure this, if you can bolt a yj tub on a cj frame then you should be able to bolt a cj tub on a yj frame. someone correct me if i'm wrong
I found a way to fix it. I bought another CJ for 700$ with a good frame, 2 brand new fenders, which I need, and a lot of little bits and pieces that I needed to buy for my rebuilt plus now I have complete mechanical parts such as engine tranny transfer case axles ect that I can sell and get my money back.
Don't understand why they won't let you weld on a frame up there. Heck the factory does. There are plenty of CWB (Canadian Weld Bureau) certified welders up there.

Glad you figured it out. Never hurts to have spare parts laying around.
I found out that you can weld on a frame past the rear wheels, go figure. I might take the frame to a good welder and get it fixed, it's just about 6 inch at the rear where the shackles attached to the frame, the rest of it is really solid. Like that I'll have 2 frames and can always sell spare parts to reduce the spending.
The YJ Frames are a touch longer in the nose, i believe. There are also differences in where the body mounts are, but it wouldn't take too much fabrication to correct that.
The YJ Frames are a touch longer in the nose, i believe. There are also differences in where the body mounts are, but it wouldn't take too much fabrication to correct that.

The yj frame is also a couple inches wider.
the tubs are the same if its a CJ7. i have seen on tv where they took a yj and put a cj front end on it to get rid off those square headlights. if i ever got a yj that is what i would do. better looking front end but better chassis stuff.
A good welder could weld it up gring it smooth then a paint job on the frame and know one would even know.
My frame is fixed like you said, I found a good welder and he did a great job. A couple of weeks after my friend offered me a YJ frame but it was too late and yes it's a bit different in lenght and the mounts are not the same size but worst come to worst it was fixable to make it work.
Thakx for all the replies.

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