You Just Might Be......

You Just Might Be......


Upstate SC
1974 CJ5, 304v8... purchased 8/8/11
You just might be a Jeep-Junkie if this looks like a fun time to you...:chug:
Man I'll take overhauling a Dana 20 any day over going to an art museum. . .
Not sure if this is your first one, but check the center pin diameter.

I was a rookie at this and thought that maybe my new pin was just a little tighter. Wrong.

F you Crown and 4 wheel parts.

Got a new kit from Novak and it slid right in by hand like it should. Just had to tap it into the back part of the case.

Let me know if you are able to pull the bearings off the front wheel drive shaft. I tried everything and finally cut through the inner race with a torch.

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