Yukon 1 piece axles

Yukon 1 piece axles


1983 CJ7, 304 ,T176 trans,T300 tranfer
Anyone install them before? Pros-Cons? Thanks
I have not had any experience with Yukon axels.
Living in Alaska though, I have come to avoid any product with names like Kodiak, Yukon, Denali, Grizzly, or Alaskan Guide Model.
None of it is made up here, they just use the names to make their junk products sound a lot more tuff than than they are.
Actually they are pretty well known for ring and pinoin gear sets. I ran them in my Toyota in the late 80's

I'm on a buy American made kick so that's also a big factor on what I will end up buying. Thanks
I haven't heard anyone bad mouth them, but I don't know anyone who runs them.
IMO both Superior and Moser make great products right here in the usa.
I would stay away from any of the imported ones such as alloy usa.

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