A carburetor (also spelled carburettor or carburetter) is a device used by a gasoline internal combustion engine to control and mix air and fuel entering the engine. The primary method of adding fuel to the intake air is through the Venturi tube in the main metering circuit, though various other components are also used to provide extra fuel or air in specific circumstances.
Since the 1990s, carburetors have been largely replaced by fuel injection for cars and trucks, but carburetors are still used by some small engines (e.g. lawnmowers, generators, and concrete mixers) and motorcycles. In addition, they are still widely used on piston engine driven aircraft. Diesel engines have always used fuel injection instead of carburetors, as the compression-based combustion of diesel requires a greater precision and pressure of fuel-injection.

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    Misc. CJ Valve Cover/Carb Tag Identification Quiz

    Would really appreciate hearing what these 2 pictures mean to you in terms of the coding on the tags, I have my theories, but don't have the knowledge and experience you all do! Thanks for playing!
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    Engine Engine Stalls on Rocky Inclines

    Hello, I just joined this forum and I'm looking forward to sharing and learning from you all. I acquired a '75 CJ5 with a 258, 3 speed manual about 18 months ago. It has 105K miles and runs good for a 50-year-old original jeep. However, if I try to climb a fairly rocky 4WD trail, it will...
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    Engine Need advice. 84 CJ7 I-6 140k ran good for a week after purchase. Fuel issue?

    Need advice. 84 CJ7 I-6 140k ran good for a week after purchase. Seller said sometimes have to point downhill to get to start. So I'm thinking float bowl adjustment. Nope. He Nuttered it, best I can tell did right. Started shutting off on up hills then wouldn't start until sitting 10 min. Tried...
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