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Collinston, LA
1989 YJ 258 I6, AX-15, Dana 30 w/ 456 and Detroit locker in front, Dana 44 rear w/ 456 and possi for rear
Going look at a1976 CJ5 w/ 304 V8, should still have the Dana 30 front and 20 rear axle not sure about trans and transfer case. Do yall know if this yr. Were solid Jeeps if not what r the weak links.
So much depends on what the previous owner/s did with and to it. From what I have heard the '76 was a solid jeep. I have an '81 CJ5 with the 258 six cylinder and the same axle set up and have had no major problems. the 304 doesn't have much more power so the drive train should hold up fine. Again, it depends on how it's been treated over the years. Post some pictures after you go to look at it. They are always helpful. And get as much info from the current owner on what it has, what's been done to it and why he/she is selling it. Good luck.

Jeep made a lot of changes in 76, most for the better. I believe 76 was the first year for the boxed frame.

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