100+ psi oil pressure

100+ psi oil pressure


Mineral Bluff, GA
1978 CJ with 360
Fired up my newly rebuilt 360 and have 100+ psi oil pressure at idle. It appears this problem has happened with other AMC motors, but would like some help determining the cause. Timing cover, pump housing and pump kit new. I am going to see if plunger is sticking this weekend. Some say to take out plunger and spring and momentarily fire up motor to see if oil pressure says at high level. Any thoughts? Thanks for any help.
Also check out Bulltear.com forums. They deal alot with AMC engines. My son just rebuilt a Ford 460, and when we started it up it ran really high oil pressure for just a little while and then came down. We thought it was from really tight tolerances. After about 1/2 hour of checking and testing with other oil pressure gauges it came down to normal.
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Got a lot of help from the AMC guys. Bottom line is the Crown (chinese junk) oil pump covers are :dung:. Bought a replacement thinking I had a bad casting and the replacement was as bad as the original. Finally bought a used OEM version which solved the problem. These Crown versions are sold individually and with the timing chain cover kit. DO NOT USE THEM!

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