1967 w/ Split Windshield

1967 w/ Split Windshield


Washington, NC
1967 CJ5, Dauntless V6, T-86 tranny, Dana 27 front, Dana 44 rear.

1997 Wrangler Sport (long gone)
I recently purchased a 1967 CJ5 that has a split windshield that does not hinge out, it is fixed. I cannot seem to find any other Jeep out there with this style of windshield. Can anyone tell me anything about this? Is this from a Willy's? Attached are a couple photos. I need to buy windshield wipers for it and want to be sure I am ordering the right size, etc. The wipers are 10" long if that helps.
huh... :confused:

It looks like it has the hinges and the latches for it to lay down...

But I haven't personally seen one like it.

I'd just bring the wipers in with you and check length and fastening point to ensure it would work...

I was told this was a windshield from a M38a1 military. The glass is all scratched up from a bad wiper on the drivers side. I am wondering if I should try some of that glass polish I researched and found or if I should remove the old glass and take to a glass and mirror shop and see if they can trace them and cut me some new pcs from laminated? I believe they are completely flat. I also think I can find the old rubber seal on the web somewhere as I am starting to think that there isn't anything you can't find for a Jeep on here! :-)
MB's, CJ1's & CJ2's had split windshields. When CJ3's came out ( Late 40's ) one piece windshield. The M38a is a flat fender CJ3 with one piece windshield. M38A1 is a CJ5 with one piece windshield. Some one has put a CJ2 split windshield on ur 1967 CJ5.
What you have is a M38A1 2 piece fixed windshield their the same size as the 55 to 67 CJ5 windshield.

Hope this helps
M38A1 or M170 windshield is my guess.

Being that 101,488 M38A1 were built compared to and only 6,500 M170 I’d say with confidence it’s a M38A1 windshield.

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