1970 225 Starter or something more

1970 225 Starter or something more


Pensacola, FL
1970 Jeep CJ5, V6, Manual
Yesterday when I got in my jeep to drive to work it would not turn over. I checked the battery and it was outputting 12.5 volts so I tapped the starter a few times and it started right up. Same thing happened when I left the office for lunch and again when I was going home. So on the way home I stopped by Advance and picked up a starter. Didn't have a chance to change it out last night. This morning when I tried to start it up it turned and turn but would not start. I pulled the air filter off and could see fuel squirting into the carb. Started to check the plug wires around the distributor and knocked a #14 wire (hot when the key is on) that runs to the cap off by accident. In all fairness it was very loose. I pulled the cap off and saw that there are 2 prongs that it could go back on. I put a new connector on the end of the wire and went with the one that was cleanest(closest to the outside).
My questions are;
1. Did I put the wire back on the wright prong and should something be on the other one?
2. Should I go ahead and change my starter or check something else first?

Might consider taking the old starter in to your FLAPS and have it checked...

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