1974 cj5 currently in process of body off restoration and installing fiberglass tub
I am currently in the process of doing a frame off restoration and installing a fiberglass body on a 74 CJ5 . One of my many questions is about the rear crossmember. Someone had added oilfield pipe to the old one over the bolts. After several hours of cutting I finally was able to remove the old crossmember. The new crossmember was ordered from quadratec and does not hve the two body mount holes in it is it possible I recieved the wrong one? Also on the gas tank there are no straps.? From what I can see there is one bolt holding the tank in. There was a bracket on the rear of the frame that I was unsure as to what it did. It attached to the top of the frame and moved outward toward the gas tank after going down. after searching several forums I came to the conclusion that this may have been part of what secured the gas tank. If so the other is missing on the other side and there was no rubber bushings. If this is what the bracket is for where can i find the bushings? Final question is where in the heck can i find parts for this thing. It seems that the 55-75 cj is a very mysterious creature. Anyone have any good places to get parts? Thanks for all your help.
Welcome to the world of the Intermediate Jeep ('71-75)! We are the lost family of CJs, but we are also the best of the bunch! :)
Look above in the sponsor links, and they should have what you need to fix those little problems.
And welcome to the world of "have to build your own, cause nobody makes it for us"! :laugh:
haha! With a little research I have come to find that just wanted to hear it from someone who knew what they were talking about. I thought there maybe a wizard out there that offered everything needed but looks like ill have to fabricate that wizard too!:D

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