1977 CJ5 232ci MAJOR sputtering issues

1977 CJ5 232ci MAJOR sputtering issues

Robert Waters

1977 CJ5 232ci i6, t18 trans.
I have a webber 2 barrel carb on the engine, don't know the model off the top of my head, will provide if needed. My issue is that my engine sputters under acceleration, it will rev fine in neutral, however as soon as i go to accelerate it sputters pretty bad. its a pretty big problem, takes a few minutes to get to 40mph, and wont go much faster than 50, makes me a little scared to drive it around. And solutions, can anyone help diagnose this? Another thing to note is i have an engine knock that can be heard at idle, cant seem to find the cause though.

Please help me out here, ill provide any information needed to troubleshoot this.

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