1979 CJ 7 Hard Top

1979 CJ 7 Hard Top


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1979 CJ 304, 400 automatic
Going to place my original 1979 CJ7 hard top on my CJ 7 fiberglass body and I just notice on the fiberglass body there is no way I can mount the bolts and washers on the tub. The inside of the tub is flush. How do I mount the top? Any examples and pics. Thanks...
Sorry no help here. I also have an AJ's body and gave up on tring to mount my hard top and just got a super top.
well I too am facing that delima, I plan to fabricate metal clips that will bolt onto the tub verticaly, then turn 90 degrees to the inside of the tub. same for the hard top. then when you put the top on all you have to do is run a bolt through the corisponding L brackets, and tighten with a lock washer. of course weather strip goes in between. only reason going through the trouble is I dont like soft tops.
Hmm I do not understand....it sounds like there is no underside to the rails that the top sits on? so the sides are boxed?
Hmm I do not understand....it sounds like there is no underside to the rails that the top sits on? so the sides are boxed?

That's the way I read it too....strange.:confused:
that blows.. guess its time for one of yal to run to lows and make something work and show pics to the others
I have a 4WDH fiberglass tub. We ended up installing alum. 5/16" flush mounted nutserts/rivet nuts into the top of railing.
The rivet nut expands on the other end in the fiberglass cavity and locks in place.
As for pictures, I put my jeep up for the winter about 40 miles from home. If you need pictures, I might be able to run up there some day and snap some.
Hope this helps.
Nutserts would work great. Since most of the load (Lift) is on the front edge, and that part is screwed to the windshield frame, the rest of the top is just shear load, meaning that it's not an upward pull but more of a slide. I just ut a soft top track on my CJ and used 5/16"x1" lag bolts. It's solid as solid can be. I wouldn't want to take it on and off a lot, but down here, I'll never need a hard top so the track will never get taken off.
I did see a fiberglass body where the guy took a Dremmel tool and cut a slot just under the lip of the edge of the outer body where the two panels meet. Then slide the flat nuts, that came with the hard top, in place.
Look forward to some pics....

Here they are. It appears I used 1/4" inserts instead of 5/16"- can't remember. I know the top isn't going anywhere. :D
Nice, clean installation.


Flatwasher were a must.

Here is a picture looking down on top rail.

Good luck. Hope this helps.

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