1979 CJ5 Slip Yoke

1979 CJ5 Slip Yoke


Tampa, FL
1979 CJ5, 304 V8, AMC 20 rear, Dana 44 front.
I busted a u joint up front and pulled the axle to replace it. In doing so I notice that the slip yoke appears to not have any grease inside it (and a little oxidation like everything else) and does not slide very easily. The cap at the back of the the yoke is loose and seems to be banged up a little when the u joint broke. What is the process for repairing/rebuilding the slip yoke?

Also, my drive shaft knocked a hole in the clutch housing...anyone know where I can buy a clutch housing/bellhousing?:(


Clarification...pulled the front drive shaft...not the axle...it was a late night post.
I have never heard of a front driveshaft slip yoke. Are you refering to the two driveshaft halves that slide together? Usually a slip yoke is used when the drive shaft is one solid piece and the yoke on the transfer case slides in and out for extension.
You are correct. I am very much a newbie and still working on proper terminology. Can you just separate the two drive shaft halves, clean them up, add some grease and re-assemble?
Yup. I do that on a regular basis. there should be a grease fitting on the drive shaft also. if it is missing then clean off the gunk and look for a hole where it should go.
Pay attention how it comes apart so when you put it together it's not out of phase. (sp?)
Pay attention how it comes apart so when you put it together it's not out of phase. (sp?)
X2, just mark a line between the 2 so it goes back in the same place.
Great advise. I would not have though to mark it so that it is indexed properly. I plan on tackling this project and finishing the u joint replacement this upcoming Saturday morning. I'll be working late nights until then.

Currently, I am trying to locate a bench vise (I need one anyway) to remove the old rusted u joints from the drive shaft knuckles.

I'll be sure to give a progress report...hopefully with some photos.
Start spraying the rusty u joint caps with some form of break away fluid each day so when you go to hit them out it will be easier. you don't want to bend the end of the drive shaft which can easily be done if you aren't paying attention.
I finally had some time to work on the rig. I got the drive shaft off and the old u-joints out. There was quite a bit of surface rust on the drive shaft so I sanded it down with some 320 grit and put three coats of Hemi Orange enamel paint on it.

As suggested, I marked the drive shafted before I took the two-pieces apart, but later realized that I did not index it with the yokes before I took the shaft off.

Are there any tricks to ensuring the shaft is properly indexed with the yokes when you put it back on? Or do I just put it on and drive it to see if it is balanced or not?

Also, how much grease is too much when I put the shaft back together?

Thanks for all the help...Mark


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