1979 CJ7 worth the $2000?

1979 CJ7 worth the $2000?


I found a 1979 CJ7 for sale. Its got a straight 6 258 with the th400 tranny and quadra-trac transfer case. The seller wants $2000 for it but I am sure I could get it for $1500-$1800. I am new to jeeps so here is what I am looking at.

-seems to run pretty strong (I drove it today)
-New frame and very minimal rust on body or anywhere (its only painted with gray primere right now.
-Interior is decent in my mind
- has myers plow on it

-Quadra-trac tranny doesnt work, seller say it needs a new shift fork for the vacuum shifter?? (Is this easy to find? Cheap? Easy to install?)
-It ran hot (steam commin off around coolant resivour) while I was driving it today at about 50 mph for 20 min, seller says it only does this because of the plow, he say without the plow it doesnt run hot.
- The engine seems to be blowing oild out of the dipstick hole and fill hole? any ideas on why?

all in all would it be worth it to buy this for $1500-1800? Would it take much tuning to get her in better shape?

So it runs hot because of a few pounds on the front end? It dont think it should overheat just for that. The motor most likely is on the verge all the time. I bet it is an easy fix but the problem is there.
-The engine seems to be blowing oild out of the dipstick hole and fill hole? any ideas on why?

This is usually from blowby at the rings causing preasure in the crankcase.
Rebuild time.
There is also a chance it could be a pluged up pcv system.
It might run hot if the plow is blocking airflow to the radiator. Should only take a minute to pull it off and drive it again. Seems cheap enough, even if it needs an engine rebuild, the trans is another story....:eek:
You only buy a Jeep that old if you want a project which is exactly what that Jeep is. Don't buy it if you're not ready to spend even more money afterwards to repair it.
It's a "real" Jeep. A '79 CJ5 soo many options for it out there and it won't take that much to get it purring like a kitten with that 258 in it. Parts are cheap and they are a snap to work on. The transfer case might be the only real issue but it's easily fixed or replaced. Lose the plow (unless you really need it). And if it is blocking the airflow to the radiator that could easily account for it running hot. I say even a $2g's it's a decent deal. But it and drop another g into it and you'll have a nice running "real" Jeep.

JMHO anyway :)

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