1980 CJ7 ignition problems

1980 CJ7 ignition problems


1980 CJ7
straight six
Dana 300
CJ7 would not turn off from key finally pulled batery cable and it died noticed coil cracked replaced and now the jeep will not turn over from key jump soleniod it turns over acts like no spark any ideas?:confused:
Sounds like a bad key ignition switch. Electrically it is stuck in the "run" position.
I will replace ignition key and give it a try.
Actually there are 2 parts to that key switch. You need the electrical part. It's the part that does NOT come with a new key.
To replace it you need a steering wheel puller.
and a steering wheel lock plate removal tool.
good pics busa
when you turn the key does it spring back ?
kinda sounds like the ignition switch on the lower column
so far
but the key switch can cause that too...

there is a spring cap inside the key switch that can come loose causing the switch not to turn certain directions....then you need to replace

if there is a locksmith shop around you go in and ask for a all lock 1428

it cost him maybe $7 if you spend mor thann $20 then your getting ripped off
sorry tht image is the column switch
here is the key switch
the key switch springs back,how tough is the lower key switch to replace ?
ok as long as you can turn the key switch it turns back....and you can turn it to accessory ( past the point to take it out )
then the key switch is doing its job and so is the rack ( the "guts" of the column)
next would be to make sure the ignition switch on the column is in the right position and not loose
you will notice 2 5/16 bolts ( i think its that size) loosen and move the switch towards the steering wheel then tighten and test

no good then replace once you see it you will know how easy it will be for you
So its turning over with no sparks, i know this sounds too easy, but you could have possibly blew a fuse, Idk if your starter got stuck or whatever but you could have also blown a fuse while trying to crank your engine before you replaced your coil. Otherwise i would try getting a new ignition module, sounds like your igniton is the problem here form other posts, i would defiantly give these two a go ahead and try them out, for fuses just test the with the tester screwdriver thing that lights up when there is current. And as for the ignition module, im pretty sure its not too pricey, i know i had to replace a brand new one i just got form trying to crank my engine too much.
ign module.....on inner wheel well facing the master cylinder

That doesnt look like a 1980 jeep column
looks like a 77 or older chevy pickup
poke somethinng small into that slot then hold and try to pull the lock out

and you may have gotten the wrong lock at the part store you probably got a LC14280 when you need a LC14260
still no go tried with small screwdriver you can see the back od the cylinder of key lock however nothing to push in.
in that slot you should see a black plastic piece
(pushing or puliing on the switch)

if it doesnt give at first lube then tap lightly with hammer then pull switch

next step is dent puller, and chisel
is this a hole or a shadow?
if hole try it

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